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This site was last updated on: January 4th 2016






New photos added on our new FLB build!





Latest news from the HSL shipyard!



We are pleased to announce that HSL and our good friends Powered Boat Mouldings now own a vac-forming machine!


We can now offer all our previous wheelhouse vacs again after many years of being out of stock, at present all mouldings will be made to order and no stock will be carried until interest in them returns. List of vacs available is below and price and availability is by contact only via email .


72ft HDML full set @ 40.00

63ft BPBco Whaleback ASR @ 25.00

63ft BPBco Whaleback MASB @ 25.00

63ft BPBco Whaleback Polish MGB @ 25.00

70ft BPBco Whaleback MASB/MGB @ 35.00

71ft 6in MGB 449 long trunk cabin @ 35.00

BPBco 64ft Type 1/Flat Iron ASR @ 40.00

Elco 70ft PT Boat @ 40.00

Elco 77ft PT Boat @ 40.00

Higgins 78ft PT Boat @ 25.00

Vosper 70ft MTB all version @25.00

Thornycroft 73ft MTB @ 25.00





We now have the German FLB hull which work is now under way from our good friend Christian in Gibraltar

Photos are now being added as work progresses on this new and interesting model! Go to our featured boats page and follow the the link!


I would urge you to have a look at Christians website, you will NOT find a more comprehensive range of hulls in various scales!





  I am in the middle of replacing some of the old moulds which are now over 10 years old and in need of new ones. Some will have new heads and arms to them, also I have made some new figures to the RN range which I will add the list in due course.

As a taster here's a few new figures!


Vickers .500 seated gunner

RN Petty Officer Motor Mechanic seated replacement for RN:08

RN Officer in oilskin coat holding a loud hailer trumpet or a mug of broth

RN 20mm Oerlikon gunner in submarine jersey

US Navy figures are making a return as well, but not all of then as was listed many years ago

German Kriegsmarine crew also making a return in 2015/16





It is with regret that due to increased costs of new resin, I have to put my prices up to 5.00 for all 1:24th scale figures and fittings as now priced.



We are in the process of reworking the Kriegsmarine crew figures for 2015


Some of the old figures will be remoulded with the addition of some new figures that have been made for the KFK and E-boats




from left to right:

seaman with bins, seaman holding signal flags and seaman kneeling





We are hosting a page for Christian in Gibraltar, who is a fine maker of 1:24th scale hulls on Coastal Forces launches.

click here to visit page Christians page!!!!!!




New landline number!!!!!!!

0121 421 6872



GRP Hulls



HDML, RAF/RN Whaleback and Thornycroft hull are made to order!


I am no longer able to supply prop shafts until further notice!


All our fittings and Figures are in 1:24th scale / 1/2inch to the foot





Figures and fittings are still available form us!

Please note all fittings and figures are made to order and can take up to 28days to complete.




The 1:12th scale Vosper Fireboat and RAF Seaplane Tenders Cox'n crew member is now ready for sale.

He  comprises of body dressed in RAF battle dress, with Submarine sweeter, sea socks with sea boots along with separate head dressed with beret and hands.

RAF Airman "Ernie"


Cost is 18.00 each

Advance orders can be take as from today!


Hello all!


Please call +44 (0) 121 421 6872 during the evenings, but you can also leave a message during the day and I will call you back .


We now take payment via Paypal using cj.j.walters@tesco.net

as your payment address!

Can you please send your payment as a gift please.





Please Note: as of today all resin figures and fittings will be made to order and shipped within 28 days from deposit of payment !!!




Do you need a crew for your MTB/G, ML's and RAF A/SR  in 1:24th scale

We have the answer !

Bring your model boat to life and give it scale.


        048.jpg (39464 bytes)     No37 & ML1302 .jpg (36450 bytes)   


Put one of our crew on your model and see it come to life!

We now produce over 50 different figures for four Naval forces of WW 2 along with our fittings to accompany "Power Boat Mouldings" hull packages. You can also re-fit your own model with our new fittings to make your model look more authentic.


Thank you for calling

See you soon!

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cj.j.walters@tesco.net or enquiries@hslmouldings.co.uk

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